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The Stone Foxes with The Harlequins : Southgate House : September 8

The Stone Foxes are a band you have to see to believe.  Their latest album Bears & Bulls is good- don’t get me wrong- but to see them live is whole other experience entirely.  When this San Francisco band blew into Southgate House they were like the cool autumn winds of late – sharp, biting – the kind of breeze that makes you feel alive.  They spilled bluesy southern-fried garage rock all over the ballroom in spite of the small audience.  In fact, the forced intimacy allowed them to interact as if they were playing in someone’s living room – drinking beers, making witty banter with friends, and playing some tunes.  Heavy, jammy guitar riffs swimming along side a solid, straight forward rhythm section giving each song a familiar flavor, but is done with such competency that it doesn’t matter if you think you’ve heard it before and switching up of instruments and vocalists kept things interesting enough.  I know The Stone Foxes were far from home, but it was really a shame that not more people came out to stomp their feet to this very cool band.


by Adrienne Panveno


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