Songs of Summer Series – Girls

#4 Lust for Life – Girls

Summertime. The end of December generally gets credit for the turning of the year, but the middle of Summer, and the cauldron it creates, is really when things change. The pause it gives school, work, and responsibility in general determines what will then follow. This track by Girls nicely summarizes the point, without any hint of responsibility. Both song and video combine to supply the anarchy of spirit needed for the season.

The song is trashy, loose, disjointed and, well, fun. It mines all of the style and lack of substance of any pop song or drive-in movie you have ever been exposed to, and is completely in-your-face silly.  The video, all grainy, cheap quick-cut and hurried, only requires that you let go of your insufferable class-ism and chill the fuck out.