Follow Up : The Harlequins/Vice Magazine Party

The Harlequins play MOTR Pub

Back in July, Indie Face covered the Vitamin Water/Vice Magazine shindig at MOTR Pub featuring Cincinnati band The Harlequins.  The event was filmed and is now the latest episode of Uncapped, a fabulous new web series sponsored the Vitamin Water brand.  The video features footage from the show as well as interviews from the band.  Watch the episode here.



The Guitars : High Action

Though High Action is the first official release by Cincinnati band The Guitars, local buzz has been brewing over this band for a while.  In 2009, they erupted onto the scene and started playing out with local favorites like The Harlequins, The Lions Rampant, and 20th Century Tokyo Princess right out of the gate.  Gigging constantly and contributing to several local compilations continued to build the band’s reputation for well crafted arrangements and pop-soul prowess.

Fast forward to July 29th, and the boys finally ready themselves to unleash the High Action EP upon the world.  Though I could not make the record release show at MOTR Pub that night the reports have all come back with high praise, and finally having the album in my hot little hands, I understand what the fuss is all.  The entire EP from start to finish is a masterful testament to early bubblegum pop-soul.  In fact, they seem to understand the genre so well that it is easy to wonder if you are listening to mp3s or an old 45.

Classic heartbreak song “Too Hot to Hold” is the perfect opener; a dancey number that is both fresh and nostalgic and easily one of the best tracks on the album, but the other big stand-out is “She’s Got Your Heart” with its hooks that will sink in and stay with you for days.  Though I have been fully aware of the hype over The Guitars for a while, having an album out like this is just proof of how good they really are, both technically and creatively.  As a whole, High Action is all sorts of win.


by Adrienne Panveno

Songs of Summer Series – The Harlequins

With the sweltering heat of Summer in full swing, our tastes tend to shift to music that invokes feelings of days by the pool, cooking out with friends, and steamy Summer nights.  Indie Face kicks off with a sampling of  five songs to start the perfect Summer playlist:

#1  Midwest Coast – The Harlequins

One of the hardest working bands in the Cincinnati scene, the Harlequins are setting themselves up to be one of the great bands of Summer.  Their single “Midwest Coast” could be the anthem behind all sorts of Summer shenanigans, with its psychedelic surf vibe and gritty guitar chords.  Though this video was released back in January, when they rocked this track at a free show at Downtown Cincinnati’s Fountain Square just a few weeks back, the crowd erupted into a huge beach party, complete with flying beach balls.  Even despite the oppressive heat, every single person was moving and dancing and smiling.  It was a great reminder of why we have one of the scenes in the country.  Thank you, boys.