Indie Bands in Small Spaces

Feeling boxed in by your Monday?  Here are 3 indie videos to offer some claustrophobic perspective.

Matt and Kim in a closet, dumpster, taxi cab, and several other small spaces.

Arcade Fire in an elevator.

The Seedy Seeds in a car.



by Adrienne Panveno


Songs of Summer Series – The Seedy Seeds

#5  Verb Noun – The Seedy Seeds

The darlings [no pun intended] of the Cincinnati music scene, The Seedy Seeds are the very ultimate in feel good music.  Using electronic beats to back traditional folk instruments they create a sound that is truly their own, resulting in what has been dubbed “Appalachitronica”.  Their latest release Verb Noun keeps everything that makes them so great – sing-along lyrics and fun musical arrangements- but spotlights their continued growth as a band.  Their sound is more mature, and the songs are a bit dreamy while still keeping a beat you can tap your toe to.  The title song and accompanying video portray one of the best parts of Summer – hanging out and doing silly shit with your friends- which makes it the final installment of our Songs of Summer Series.