Follow Up : The Harlequins/Vice Magazine Party

The Harlequins play MOTR Pub

Back in July, Indie Face covered the Vitamin Water/Vice Magazine shindig at MOTR Pub featuring Cincinnati band The Harlequins.  The event was filmed and is now the latest episode of Uncapped, a fabulous new web series sponsored the Vitamin Water brand.  The video features footage from the show as well as interviews from the band.  Watch the episode here.



Mia Doi Todd : What if We Do

Mia Doi Todd


I first heard singer-songwriter Mia Doi Todd on my local NPR outlet, KCRW which is arguably the best radio station on the planet. It was so different from anything else I had been hearing that I was instantly intrigued. I got her album Manzanita shortly thereafter, and studied it as one studies art history, or evolutionary biology. I was never ever able to make any sense of what it was that drew me to these strange songs sung in the oddly hypnotic voice. They haunt me still.

Even now , when I chance upon her work, I still have no answer. The songs are simple, the verse has a regular meter and precise structure, and the vocals are impeccably accurate and steady. They speak of relationships and the like, hardly mysterious subjects, and flow with an easy, relaxed manner. The effect of the marvelous voice and the off- balanced twists to these observations suggest some kind of post-modern ennui seen as if through a glass, and darkly.

The song “What if We Do” is such a song, with it’s almost breezy lilt on the theme of a building affair. And yet, in both the musical shifts and vocal changes it suggests the dangers and doom that could be lurking just around the corner. It is the finest declamation of that point in a relationship when things are going to change, inevitably and irrevocably, for better or worse. Life at the point of no return, proclaimed as if by a child.

I heard this bittersweet tune just the other day, and was surprised yet again at how vertigo inducing it is, and that it has, once again, stuck in my head for days.

This in-studio recording is only slightly less produced than the album version (none of her work carries much baggage) and is simply perfect. I am waiting for the day when I can understand the curious case of Mia Doi Todd.



by Michael Merline

Why Videos Matter Again: A Postscript

In perfect treadmill-like timing, shortly after our “Why Videos Matter Again” piece went live, OK Go released their latest video for song “All is Not Lost”.  We thought it only fitting to also post their latest innovative creation as an epilogue.  Though this spandex-clad “ass on the glass” video has us scratching our heads a bit, we won’t deny its ingenuity.  Though the standard YouTube version is certainly worth a watch, if you use Google Chrome, you can check out the cool interactive version here.

by Adrienne Panveno

Songs of Summer Series – The Seedy Seeds

#5  Verb Noun – The Seedy Seeds

The darlings [no pun intended] of the Cincinnati music scene, The Seedy Seeds are the very ultimate in feel good music.  Using electronic beats to back traditional folk instruments they create a sound that is truly their own, resulting in what has been dubbed “Appalachitronica”.  Their latest release Verb Noun keeps everything that makes them so great – sing-along lyrics and fun musical arrangements- but spotlights their continued growth as a band.  Their sound is more mature, and the songs are a bit dreamy while still keeping a beat you can tap your toe to.  The title song and accompanying video portray one of the best parts of Summer – hanging out and doing silly shit with your friends- which makes it the final installment of our Songs of Summer Series.

Songs of Summer Series – Girls

#4 Lust for Life – Girls

Summertime. The end of December generally gets credit for the turning of the year, but the middle of Summer, and the cauldron it creates, is really when things change. The pause it gives school, work, and responsibility in general determines what will then follow. This track by Girls nicely summarizes the point, without any hint of responsibility. Both song and video combine to supply the anarchy of spirit needed for the season.

The song is trashy, loose, disjointed and, well, fun. It mines all of the style and lack of substance of any pop song or drive-in movie you have ever been exposed to, and is completely in-your-face silly.  The video, all grainy, cheap quick-cut and hurried, only requires that you let go of your insufferable class-ism and chill the fuck out.

Songs of Summer Series – The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

#2  Belong – The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Off the album of the same name, “Belong” is fun and poppy, yet sweet and honest – perfect for setting a Summer romance to or reminding you why road tripping with your best friends is so great.  Being a misfit ain’t so bad when you have someone to be a misfit with.

POBPAH will be in town soon, playing at the Historical Southgate House and is one of our most anticipated shows of the Summer.

by Adrienne Panveno

Songs of Summer Series – The Harlequins

With the sweltering heat of Summer in full swing, our tastes tend to shift to music that invokes feelings of days by the pool, cooking out with friends, and steamy Summer nights.  Indie Face kicks off with a sampling of  five songs to start the perfect Summer playlist:

#1  Midwest Coast – The Harlequins

One of the hardest working bands in the Cincinnati scene, the Harlequins are setting themselves up to be one of the great bands of Summer.  Their single “Midwest Coast” could be the anthem behind all sorts of Summer shenanigans, with its psychedelic surf vibe and gritty guitar chords.  Though this video was released back in January, when they rocked this track at a free show at Downtown Cincinnati’s Fountain Square just a few weeks back, the crowd erupted into a huge beach party, complete with flying beach balls.  Even despite the oppressive heat, every single person was moving and dancing and smiling.  It was a great reminder of why we have one of the scenes in the country.  Thank you, boys.